Moving Home Quiz

Time to Sell Your Home? Take Our Quick Quiz

Are you pondering whether to sell your home? With the property market constantly changing, it’s natural to wonder if now is the right time.

To help you decide, we’ve crafted a fun, informative quiz.

Let’s start:

How well does your home meet the needs of you/your family?

A. It’s perfect and suits our needs now and for the future.

B. It’s OK at the moment but isn’t our forever home.

C. This home doesn’t meet many of our needs anymore.

Is your home outdated?

A. No, it’s completely up to date.

B. Needs a few touch-ups.

C. A renovation is overdue.

What’s your mortgage situation?

A. Comfortable staying put.

B. A bit tight, but a move could be manageable.

C. We’re ready to take on a bigger mortgage.

Are you prepared for the selling process?

A. No, it seems daunting.

B. Somewhat, I’ve done some research.

C. Absolutely, bring it on!

How’s the market in Seaford?

A. Haven’t checked.

B. I’ve been told by a friend it’s a sellers’ market.

C. I need an estate agent’s expertise on the current situation.

Scores on the doors:

Tally your answers to gauge if it’s the right time for you to sell your home!

Mostly As: You seem content where you are. Maybe now isn’t the time to sell.

Mostly Bs: You’re on the fence. Research and preparation could tilt the balance either way.

Mostly Cs: It sounds like you’re all set to make a move, but seeking some expert advice may help.

And finally…

The decision to sell your home is a big one and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But whether you’re ready to make the move or still weighing up your options, being fully informed is never a bad thing.

So, contact us today at Newberry Tully if you need more information and guidance.

Posted on November 18, 2023