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How to Make Your Seaford Home Look Bigger Find out how you can impress buyers by making each room in your home look as spacious as possible. A two-minute read. Whether you’re marketing a one-bedroom flat or a seven-bedroom mansion, the same rule usually applies – big is beautiful. We’re talking about big rooms, of course! It’s well known that a home that feels spacious [……]

Posted on May 14, 2022

Things to Think about When You’re Relocating for Work Landing the perfect job is a dream for most, but what if that opportunity is in a different part of the country? Or abroad? If this is the case, relocation may be the only solution. Selling your home when you need to move out of Seaford isn’t easy. You’ve got the start date of your new [……]

Posted on March 12, 2022

How Seaford Residents Can Fight Back against Rising Fuel Bills This two-minute read looks at how to trim down your energy bills. Householders were hit with budget-busting energy price hikes in 2021 – a trend that looks set to continue well into the new year. Here are some ways to claw back some cash on your heating bills and help the environment at the same [……]

Posted on January 8, 2022

5 Common Reasons Some Properties Can’t Be Mortgaged In this two-minute read, we look at reasons why a property may be classified as unmortgageable. Selling a property can be tricky at the best of times, but when a property is deemed unmortgageable things can get complicated. ‘Unmortgageable’ means lenders won’t allow a potential buyer to borrow the money they need to buy a property. For [……]

Posted on January 8, 2022

Thinking of Selling Your Seaford Home? How to Get the Best Agent for the Job In this two-minute read, we look at how to select the best estate agent to sell your home. When it comes to selling a property, it pays to do your research before choosing an agent to manage the sale.  Now you might think that all agents are much of a [……]

Posted on October 16, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Using the Help to Buy Scheme Three-minute read to help you consider the Help to Buy Scheme from all angles. The Help to Buy scheme is a government-backed equity loan opportunity. It is also referred to as ‘shared equity’. The scheme is currently only available on new build properties. The loan from the government is up to 20% of the [……]

Posted on June 19, 2021

A to Z Guide for Changing Your Address in Seaford A two-minute read. As if selling your home, packing your belongings, and remembering to take the dog isn’t stressful enough, unfortunately, you can’t escape the paperwork palaver that comes with moving. Notifying companies and authorities of your change of address can be monotonous, but (for some things), it’s mandatory. (Not to mention the risk of [……]

Posted on May 29, 2021

What’s the Rental Return on Your Seaford Buy-to-Let Property? A two-minute read to help you quickly determine the return on a buy-to-let property in Seaford. If you’re looking for a property to rent out, it’s important to understand the numbers involved. You may have inherited a property and are thinking of letting it. Use the information here to identify if that is a prudent thing [……]

Posted on May 22, 2021

How to Help Elderly Relatives Move Home in Seaford For an elderly relative, moving on to the next chapter of their lives can be an emotional experience. The need to move home might stem from financial needs, bereavement, health reasons, or the wish to be nearer loved ones. But whatever the catalyst, time, diplomacy, and tact are the order of the day. Don’t rush It’s [……]

Posted on May 22, 2021

Eight Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Day in Seaford In this two-minute read, we look at ways to promote children’s wellbeing. The past year has been challenging for kids, so let’s make them feel special on National Children’s Day (NCD) on Sunday 16 May. The lockdowns of the last year hit children particularly hard. While little ones often say they want to skip school, the [……]

Posted on May 15, 2021